Best Low Maintenance Small Dogs

Your small dog does not need to occupy a great deal of the time in your day. Of course, we would all like to spend heaps of time with our beloved dog but the truth is, sometimes there are just other priorities in life (and there is this dreaded thing called “work”).

So whether you have family or work commitments, or you just need a dog that doesn’t need all your remaining time and attention, then selecting the right small dog breed is critical.

In this post we list the dog breeds that require the least amount of maintenance. Whether this be space, exercise, grooming etc, you will definitely find that there is a small dog breed for everyone of us no matter how busy (or lazy) we are.

With the help of She Knows, here is the list of Best Low Maintenance Small Dogs.

Best Low Maintenance Small Dogs

Best Low Maintenance Small Dogs

Which small dog breeds are best for low maintenance? Read on…

Chihuahua –  If you want a small dog, consider the Chihuahua — the smallest breed in the world. Usually weighing less than 5 pounds, this dog is so small you can tuck it in your purse. Chihuahuas need minimal exercise and grooming. However, they aren’t a good dog if you have kids or other animals. They are loyal to a fault and often high-strung.

Puggle – A cross between a beagle and a pug, these low-maintenance dogs are absolutely adorable. With a laid-back yet cheerful personality, they get along with everyone — adults, kids and other pets. They are small (15-30 pounds) and can work well for houses and apartments. They shed in the spring and may need some wrinkle cleaning if the pug side is dominant. However, they don’t need much grooming or much exercise other than an occasional walk.

Japanese Chin – This little lap dog reaches a weight of around 10 pounds. The Japanese chin is quiet and smart. He gets along with children and other pets. He needs regular brushing to keep his coat looking great, but doesn’t need much exercise or training.

Chinese Crested – So you don’t want any shedding? This little dog is perfect. The Chinese crested is hairless except for a little bit on its head, tail and feet. If someone in your family is allergic to dogs, this one is considered the most hypoallergenic. The Chinese crested is playful but not hyper, and good with kids. Other than a tendency to get sunburn and some skin allergies, this dog is very low-maintenance.

Bichon Frise – If you want a small, smart dog, you can’t beat the bichon frise. He loves to learn new tricks and, unlike many small-dog breeds, loves children. He’s very friendly, but quiet too. It might take him a while to get housebroken, but once that’s done, maintenance for the bichon frise is a breeze.

Welsh Corgi – This small, athletic dog looks a little like a fox in build. He’s smart, loyal and so easy to train. This dog will work well in an apartment or small house. He has a very dense coat but doesn’t need it clipped. You will have to take him out for exercise, however, because he tends to gain weight.

So there you go, the 6 best low maintenance small dogs.

Was your beloved dog on the list? If it was, at least you now know that you don’t need to spend inordinate amounts of time on them. But make sure you don’t neglect them.

And if you are looking for a new dog and just don’t have hours each day to spend with your dog and caring for your dog, then select one of the 6 breeds listed above.

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