How To Treat Dry Skin On Dogs

One aspect of raising a healthy, happy dog, that many pet owners overlook, is skin health. Many dogs end up with severe skin issues; without their owners ever being aware. Thankfully, though, most skin problems are pretty easy to spot. If you take regular time to groom your dog, you will probably notice the early signs of skin problems before they become serious problems.

Dry, flaky skin is a warning sign that dog owners need to be on the lookout for. Flaky skin needs to be treated properly to keep your dog free from itching and skin irritation. Below, Lynette from the Fun Times Guide shares her dog’s flaky skin story and tells us what her veterinarian recommended for how to treat dry skin on dogs.

How To Treat Dry Skin On Dogs

Our dog, Tenor, has such a thick and luscious coat of fur. (He’s part Black Lab, part Great Pyrenees, but he mostly just looks like your average Labrador Retriever.) His skin and coat weren’t always in such great shape, though. In fact, a few months ago he had dry, flaky, itchy skin so bad that we thought he had an incurable skin disease! Here’s what the vet recommended. And it worked like a charm!

One Option: Antibiotics

The first time we noticed the flaky skin, we probably waited a bit too long to take him to the vet. Against our better judgment, we tried an over the counter remedy first. It was a spray-on leave-in conditioner specifically made for a dog’s dry skin. After a few days of that and no change, we ended up taking him to the vet for something better. (The dog smelled wonderful, but you could still see lots of small white flakes on his pitch-black coat of thick fur.)

In fact, by the time we took him to the vet, his skin problem had turned kind of scabby and itchy. NOT a good sign. The veterinarian said it was probably allergies, but without running a lot of tests he couldn’t be sure. At this point, it was most important that we clear up the itchy and scabby spots on his skin, so he recommended a 10-day dose of antibiotics (Cephalexin). That worked like a charm. Within 2 days, the flaky skin was pretty much gone.

But the vet had warned us… if Tenor’s dry skin was in fact due to allergies, then it would likely return. The trick then would be to selectively test a variety of foods, products, environments to determine what exactly he was allergic to. (That didn’t sound like fun!!!)

Another Option: Olive Oil

A month or so later, Tenor’s dry skin had reappeared. It wasn’t as bad as the first time… just random flakes here and there. The vet said before we go through all the tests for allergies, let’s try a simple home remedy first: Olive Oil.

He said to pour a tablespoon or so of Olive Oil right on his food 2 to 3 times each week, and see how that worked. We did it, and boy, did his coat get thick and shiny and flake-free in no time!
I can’t recommend this stuff enough! Tenor loves it, too. It reminds me of the days when we used to add doggie gravy to his dry dog food. It was always a special treat. Now, the Olive Oil is his special treat at feeding time.

I’d have to say the best home remedy for a dog’s dry, itchy flaky skin is plain and simple Olive Oil.

Why Dogs Get Dry Itchy Skin

The vet said most likely our dog’s flaky skin is simply due to dry air inside the house — especially since we have gas heat.

He said dogs that spend a lot of time indoors during the winter months tend to get mild skin conditions like this. It’s (usually) no big deal. And Olive Oil will typically remedy the situation throughout the entire winter season.

IMPORTANT: If your dog has dry flaky skin — and it persists — then then be sure to discuss it with your own veterinarian. Olive Oil won’t cure everything!

We’ve been adding a glug or two to our dog’s dry food a few times each week for a month or so now and his coat has never looked better. (By the way, ‘glug’ is a Rachel Ray term.) His coat is much thicker and shinier since we’ve started adding the Olive Oil to his food.

To Give You An Idea Just How Well The Olive Oil Works…

We left Tenor at a doggie kennel last weekend, while we went out of town for a wedding. And naturally, they didn’t add anything to his dog food during his 3-day stay there. (I suppose if I’d asked them to, they would have.) When we picked him up at the kennel, the first thing we noticed was how dry and flaky his skin was.
So now he’s back on the Olive Oil, and he’s loving it. And his coat looks great again. It works really quickly!

Source: Fun Times Guide

If you picked up anything from Lynette’s story on how to treat dry skin on dogs, we hope that it is the fact that you need to be wary of using those over the counter solutions for dry skin problems. Many people try these types of products over and over with very little success. Now, this isn’t to say that all those products are bad, but they may not deliver the results you were hoping for.

The olive oil recommendation is excellent. Olive oil has a long history of being used as a medicinal oil. No, it won’t cure the most serious skin conditions, but it can provide some much needed moisture to soothe dry, flaky skin. If you plan on using olive oil to help your dog’s skin, though, be sure that you talk with your vet about your plans before you begin.

Do you know of any home remedies for treating dogs with dry, flaky skin? If so, please comment below to let us know. And if you have a moment, please take a second to “Like” this post, so other dog owners will know about this important information.

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