Miniature Italian Greyhound

There simply aren’t many small or toy dog breeds that can compare with the majestic Miniature Italian Greyhound. These dogs are becoming increasingly popular as pets, due to their sweet demeanor and attractive looks. And while we believe that every dog is cute, there’s something about these proud, little dogs that emanates a pride and power that other toy breeds simply can’t match.

However, if you plan on bringing a Miniature Italian Greyhound into your family fold, you’ll want to know all you can about this breed. Every type of dog has its own, unique quirks and care considerations, and that holds true for this breed as well as it does for any other. Read on to find out more about these gorgeous, even tempered little dogs.

Miniature Italian Greyhound

Miniature Italian Greyhound

Miniature Italian Greyhound

Miniature Italian Greyhound – Physical Characteristics

Being a toy breed, like the miniature chihuahua, these greyhounds are very small in both stature and weight – sometimes being prone to shaking. This explains why many owners prefer to buy Italian Greyhound clothes for their pets to wear in the colder winter months. The average height for this breed is between twelve and fifteen inches, though there have been some that have reached heights of over 14 inches. The Miniature Italian Greyhound is lean, even by toy dog standards. Coming in at a typical weight between six and ten pounds, these dogs are light and very easy to care for in both house and apartment settings.

Like other greyhound breeds, the miniature Italians have sleek, longer bodies with straight lines and impressive muscles. When properly fed and exercised, you won’t see many of these dogs with more than a hint of body fat. It is important, though, that owners do provide adequate nutrition – not confusing leanness with the dog being too skinny.

You’ll find the Italian Miniature Greyhound in a wide array of colors. Their fur can be gray, black, red, fawn, cream and even blue. They can be white with colored markings, or colored with white markings. If you appreciate a dog with exquisite colors, this is one breed that you cannot afford to overlook. The gorgeous colors are yet another reason that owners like to dress these dogs up in Italian Greyhound clothes – their natural coloring lends itself well to making cute doggie clothes look all that much more appealing.

The Miniature Italian Greyhound Demeanor

If you look at any Miniature Italian Greyhound pictures or videos online, you’ll notice that these sweet, little dogs can be a bit on the needy side. Many owners tend to baby and overly-pamper these dogs, which tends to increase the neediness in their behavioral patterns. We suggest not coddling these dogs too much, as they really don’t need excessive coddling. By being a strong, stable owner, you’ll help to bring out more of the friendly playfulness that this breed is known for, while minimizing neediness and the dreaded “little dog syndrome.”

It’s also important for owners to know that the Miniature Italian Greyhound is a bit more sensitive to vocal tones than other dogs. It’s important to never yell at these dogs, or to verbally scold them to excess. Doing so will make this breed a bit more nervous and high strung. Simply being consistent and strong with your verbal commands will do when you have to correct these dogs.


This breed is energetic, but is small enough that a few daily play sessions and a brisk walk every day will be more than enough exercise. Be sure to exude confidence and strength when walking your Greyhound, as this will help them to get used to walking and socializing without becoming to needy or frightened. And since this breed has shorter hair, you may want to invest in a few pieces of Italian Greyhound clothes to keep your pet warm and secure during your walks.

Now that you know a bit more about this breed, you should have all the facts that you need to start off a successful, loving pet/owner relationship with your new dog. Of all the toy breeds that we’ve had the pleasure to profile, the Miniature Italian Greyhound is certainly amongst the most attractive, friendly and loving of them all.

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